How The War Of 1812 Changed The Life Of Andrew Jackson

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If we did not fight, we would have been enslaved by the British. Which they would have taken the land that the united states taken and replace the U.S flag with the Union Jack flag. If they replaced the flag that stands for freedom and soon became the sign of peace, that is why I’m with what happens with the british. They impressed our ships and took the men that were on that ship. So they deserve whatever coming to them. There was a debate between the government if we should declare war or try to negotiate with them to see if they would return the men they took and the ships safely back to the U.S. But did that work nooo so we had to get our hands dirty, so we declared war on them.and right as we did so the british started to march through…show more content…
Andrew Jackson had this vibe when he ask people to join the cause which makes people not to say no but to say yes. The reason they were scared of Andrew Jackson is because they did not know what he was capable of so they joined wich I find very wrong to force someone to fight if they don’t want to, so if they don’t want to fight just leave them alone because they have family to take care of. But nooo Andrew Jackson could not leave them alone because he needed more men so if the fathers did not fight he would force the fathers and male children at the age 19-20 years old to go to war. It might have been wrong for the British to capture U.S boats and take the men aboard the ships and then take the supplies, that right there might mean that they need help and that they need more supplies to might say that it’s wrong for them to do that but hey it was wrong for Andrew Jackson to force men and children to go to war . There could've been peace without this war but noooo,the government had to declare war on the British. So maybe those soldiers that died might have died in vain and they would never see their wives and the children would never get to see their friends or thie mothers again so the war was a mistake
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