How The Weight Of Weight Control

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Paul Delgado
English 1A
September 14, 2014

How To Keep It Off and Profit
Many people struggle with weight control and sometimes they actually managed to lose their planned weight amount. There is however, a great problem among a vast majority of Americans who lose weight. They lose the weight, but can 't seem to keep it off. As a result of this many Americans are caught in a cycle upon which they rapidly gain and lose weight until eventually they abandoned their diet all together. With this in mind, how do we break the cycle and manage to make sure that the weight that comes off stays off? Before answering how to keep the weight off, a person must consider why does the weight come back? There are multiple factors working against dieters, both beginning their diet and after they reached their goal and now work to maintain. When put into categories, a dieter could see the factors like this: there is the physical factor, where it is your body’s biology, age, and even genetic makeup. Mental factor, your attitude, habits, and even self-esteem along with confidence can have an effect on you. These are essentially why it is hard to even start a diet or an exercise program to lose weight, let alone maintain one after a person reaches their goal. The body’s chemicals and reactions contribute to how the body physically slows the progress of weight loss. From ancient times the human body was designed to store energy as efficiently as possible to increase our chances of
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