How Theories Of Education Have Changed Thought The Years

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In this paper I will show my research on how theories of education have changed thought the years and how teachers and students adapt to these changes. With the changes in multicultural classrooms and how students with disabilities have rights in public education.

All early childhood theories have changed so much though the years based on a diverse multicultural world and new laws to protect students, have been put into place to aid these children. Research that was taken back in the 1900 containing educational theories were all in competition with each other in their field. Students at that time, were meant to act with self-discipline and own motivation. Those theories were researched for that time period. Society is always changing as a whole. It is reflecting on the expectations and demands on students today. There was much less immigration at the time these theories were put in place. There was not much need for services for multicultural students. With the change of a more diverse multicultural students, we need to offer and embrace the learning of these students. Education and teachers need to adapt to these changes. Immigration has been on a rise since the 1940’s, in 1950-1960’s most of the immigrants came from Asia. In the mid 90’s most came from Mexico. These young students cannot become targets of discrimination in the school system in the 21st century. We need to provide services to aid these students to give them the best education…
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