How Theories of Development Influenc Current Practice Essay example

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CYP Core unit 3.1 Assessment Criteria 2.3: Theories and Theorists Please write down three key points for each theorist and give an example of how it is put into practice in your setting. SKINNER – Operant Conditioning 1. Skinners theory is based on the idea that learning is a function of change in overt behaviour. 2. Changes in behaviuor are the result of an individual's response to events that occur in the environment. 3. Reinforcement is the key to Skinners theory. A reinforcer is anything that strengthens the desired response Example in Setting: All the children have targets for when they are writing, it might be to use capital letters and finger spaces, when they achieve their target the get to colour in a picture and once…show more content…
VYGOTSKY – Social Development Theory 1. Children learn in stages and need to develop naturally. 2. Social interaction plays a fundamental role in cognitive development. 3. He saw children as 'apprentices' learning and gaining understanding from others. Example in Setting: children learn the word sounds or phonemes and practice these, then they can put them together to make words. Bruner – Modes of Thinking 1. believed that a child's social environment and the way they interact with others was very important in their learning. 2. saw that as a child develops they use different ways of representing the things around them. 3. a child starts by using its body to express themselves, then they draw pictures and finally they use words to describe things and express themselves. Example in Setting: Children start drawing simple pictures but as their vocabulary and knowledge increases they can draw more complex pictures and label them accordingly. MASLOW – Hierarchy of Needs 1. Was a humanist who stated that human motivation is based on people seeking fulfilment and change through personal growth. 2. Believed that the lower level of needs has to be mastered before the others can be achieved. 3. Everyone can reach the top level of needs, but many can not get there due to life experiences Example in Setting: Children need to know the sounds of the letters before they can put them together to make words, once they know the sounds they can put them together

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