How Thomas Hardy Suggests that this is a Moment of Transformation

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How Thomas Hardy Suggests that this is a Moment of Transformation for Bathsheba Everdene

Thomas Hardy is able to suggest to us that this is a moment of transformation for Bathsheba Everdene, due to a number of factors.
Thomas Hardy uses both the elements as well as the actions of Sergeant
Troy to help us understand the reasons behind Bathsheba's transformation and the way in which it comes about.

Thomas Hardy uses the setting of Bathsheba and Troy's meeting to its full potential. Bathsheba goes to meet the sergeant at the bottom of a pit, which has a saucer like shape and is 'naturally formed, with a top diameter of about thirty feet'. There are ferns growing all over the hills near by, but at the bottom of the slope into
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The 'beams of light caught from the low sunrays' seem to help express the uniqueness of the atmosphere in which Bathsheba sees
'a sort of rainbow' which 'Troy's reflecting blade' makes. Troy's sword seems to be one of the main objects which the light seems to emphasize, but is not the only one. Hardy also accentuates the characters actions and the affect that the activities are having on them. By this I mean the way in which Bathsheba's 'eyes shone with infrequent light' when she was running back to meet Troy, Hardy seems to be using the light to draw attention to the fact the Bathsheba is extremely excited about this engagement with Troy. Later on in the chapter we are told of how she 'was enclosed in a firmament of light', this seems to be exaggerating the fact that Bathsheba seems enclosed due to the fact that Troy is springing at her 'from all sides of her at once' possibly making her feel trapped or victimised. The light within the chapter is also used to make the scene almost seem as if it is part of a play on acted out on a stage. The manner in which the light highlights their heads seems to make us think of a stage.

The idea that this chapter is in possible ways acted out as if part of a play, can be verified. The way in which Troy seems to acting out a
'play-fight' could lead us to the idea that the gathering is just part of game which he plays in

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