How Three Movies Represent What We 've Learned And Read Up On Throughout This Semester

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Based on this paper, I will show and explain how three movies represent what we’ve learned and read up on throughout this semester. One of the movies I’m going to be using in this paper is called Django. The second movie that will be explained in this prompt is Remember the Titans. In addition, all of these films, key in on all of the terms that we’ve learned and read up on throughout the semester. The film, Django, where star actor, Jamie Foxx (Django), plays the role of a slave in the rural south, two years before the civil war. in the beginning of the film, Django ends up getting captured by Dr. King Schultz, a German bounty hunter, who saw the slaves, walking with barely any clothes on, no shoes, and in the cold(white privilege); while the white slave transporters are dressed and clothed warmly on horsebacks while they walk. Dr. King Schultz, later finds Django, in which, he needs Django’s assistance to capture the two Brittle brothers, who are wanted by the government, having a bounty on their heads. From this, Django, tags along with Dr. King Schultz, to find the two brothers, and hunt some of the South’s most wanted criminals. Riding horse back through the rural south, whites become in shocked, by seeing Django on top of this horse. As some of the characters in the film, go off by saying, “well that was nigger on a horse.” Based on that phrase, that leads to an example of racial moral cognitive dysfunction, because residents within the first town they arrive to…
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