How To Achieve Inequality In The United States

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Inequality has been always a problem for the United States, racial inequality, gender inequality and of course income inequality. Meanwhile racial and gender inequality didn’t concern the majority people in the country and they didn’t have rights at the beginning, income injustice concerned, 99% of people who has rights in the government. The problem is not only that the minority owns the majority of money, but also that people who work at the same jobs have different salaries. I have two friends, one works at store, Costco and another at Shoprite. Person who works as a cashier at Costco has $12 per hour, and the one who works as a cashier at Shoprite makes $8.70 per hour. This shows that two people who spend the same amount of time, energy…show more content…
According to the article “Who Cheats on Their Income Taxes” by Smith M.T and MacDonald, E.M it says: “As for the elderly, like the poor, they too have far more incentives and opportunities to under report fairly small amounts of income than others. ‘“Although people grow increasingly risk averse with age, the elderly often feel that these sums are too trivial to report”’ (Ann D. Witte) a professor of economics at Wellesley College. "And reporting might cause them to lose Social Security benefits”. This shows that poor and elder people are cheating on their income taxes because they understand that otherwise they may not survive because salaries they have are miserable and plus the tax will deduct from it in addition their privileges will be taken…show more content…
He doesn’t need a growth to show off, but to really improve people’s lives and change our country to better. According to article “Inequality in Campaign Mode” by Eric Alterman, Bernie Sanders wants “a society that provides a high quality of life for all of our people” (6). This means that Sanders wants to develop our society to the extend where everyone is the same, have equal opportunities and access to free healthcare, education, and childcare. These contributions will make people’s life easier and more relaxed therefore people will live longer in United States and have healthy population. Sanders is thinking about all types of people whether they are poor, homeless, middle class or wealthy he doesn’t discriminate people due to their income. Even though media says that he doesn’t have big chances to win nomination and especially presidency he still tries hard to innovate the United States because other people are not doing

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