How To Address Mark's Short-Term Memory Issues In The Classroom

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To address Mark’s short-term memory issues in the classroom, a developed lesson plan and accommodations should be implemented in an appropriate way for his cognitive ability and his need. Mark should have access to a visual schedule in the classroom, but also on his person. Because, he attends Middle School he carries a binder with him between classes. A visual schedule would help Mark with transitioning between classes independently. He also, wears a digital watch school staff and adults at home should continue to help Mark identify time. He doesn’t always understand time, however, he can usually match a time written in digital form (11:30), to an event. An example would be to show him that lunch is served at noon (12:00), show him how this is written in digital form and reiterate the information on his visual schedule.…show more content…
The school staff, paraprofessionals and adults in the home should make a habit of asking Mark what time it is and how it correlates with his daily schedule. This will help further his knowledge of time plus, help remind him of where he should be and when. In addition, Mark should learn how to formulate a daily list of items to accomplish, this could include both in school and at home. Mark, should cross off/checkmark each item as it is completed and add items when needed. Therefore, when the day is done Mark can check his list to see if he has accomplished everything or if there are final items he needs to do before bed. Mark’s working memory will most likely always be an obstacle, educators need to prepare Mark and teach him to write/draw imperative information for daily use. If available Mark could use assistive technology such as an iPad to perform these duties if not he should have a daily journal or large print planner to keep information
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