How To Assimilate In American Culture

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People always feel like the need to assimilate into particular group. It is a social pheromone. From my personal experience, there were three times when I wanted to assimilate into particular groups: the first time was in middle school, when I was trying to learn the local language. The second time was in freshman year of college, when I wanted to be part of the fashion trend. The third time was the last six months, when I was more involved in American culture.
The first time for me to feel the need to be more close to my cultural was in middle school, I wanted to speak our town’s local language in order to get closer with my classmates. I was growing up in a city called NanKing, which is different from the cities my parents grow up in. I speak different regional language from my parents, that’s why when I get in middle school I don’t speak the NanKing regional language that everyone else is speaking, which makes me an alien. Addition to that, I used to transfer in three
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Most of my friends were also from international high school like I was. People I know were obsessed with fashion. They brought the most trendy clothes, handbags and shoes. It was no surprise to me that my friends spent $4000 on designer’s handbag like Chanel or Celine. The shoes like Louboutin cost $1000 which is half of the monthly rent. I felt burdened by this life style. It was crazy, the friend circle I had in freshman year. I had to do the same thing to fit in the group, just to make conversations. During that time, I asked my parents for money to buy more clothes and rent out the living room to save rent money. I went to Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys to hang out with my friends. It was hard and sometimes not so much fun because I realized later that I am not that into expensive clothes and my financial situation won’t allow me to do that for the entire college
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