How To Attend A Clinical Reflection

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On Monday, there were only 3 clients that attended the session. My client participated in all activities. My client also interacted with multiple clinicians on Monday. It was nice to see if other clinicians could understand him. The other clinicians could understand him majority of the time. If not, they would figure out what he was talking about a model the correct articulation. On Wednesday’s session, my client put two buttons in his mouth during read alouds. I felt that I did over react a little. However, I was nervous because he was laughing and the buttons appeared to be doing further down his throat. After discussing with you the proper way to handle the situation. I feel more prepared if my client does something like this again. I also spoke with the other clinicians on Wednesday about containing small objects. My client does like sense objects orally. However, in most cases its his hands. In addition, I feel that we are not stimulated my…show more content…
He understands that a sound can make a difference between two words when isolated. However, he does appear to carry this over in normal conversation. Also, he told me he did not like the cards this week. He proceeded to mess them up and stomp on them. I told him that we could stop doing the minimal pair cards after he does 8 cards (I included counting). He did do the 8 pairs and then we played. Also, I was talking to the mother after the session. She was wondering if group or individual therapy would be better for the summer. I told her that I would speak to you about this. I personally feel that my client would benefit best from individual therapy. I feel that we need to target articulation and intelligibility in more depth. I also feel that he can be socially appropriate and his language seems fine! I was wondering your opinion on this? Also, do I need to calculate MLU again at the end of the semester if it was appropriate at the
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