How To Avoid Conflict In The Diary Of Anne Frank

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For thousands of years, humans have had wars and certain races, religions, or ethnic groups have been persecuted. Many wars have brought death and destruction, including World War II. In World War II, over six million jews were murdered, simply because they didn’t conform to Hitler’s disgusting standards. Many Jews had to cope with conflict in their everyday lives. People react to or cope with conflict in different ways, but I believe that two good ways are to hide and avoid the conflict, or to write about the conflict. The Diary of Anne Frank is a good example of both writing and hiding to cope with conflict. She has a journal and she writes about their ordeal while hiding from the Nazis. She is a bubbly young girl and writing is her way of coping with World War II. She has to hide with another family and she writes about that as well. She hides and writes, two ways of coping with conflict. She writes about the feelings and opinions of her and those around her. One example of her writing to cope with conflict is “Father, Mother, and Margot still can’t get used to the Westertoren clock, which tells us the time every quarter of the hour. Not me, I liked it from the start.” She also describes hiding. “It’s more like being on vacation in some strange pension.” The next example of writing to cope with…show more content…
These pages are about resolving conflict and they have a few strategies, but they list avoiding as a short term fix. The articles say “You avoid mostly as a short term strategy, recognizing that conflict will not go away.” Sometimes, people can’t understand the situation, and this is what the article says, “Avoiding is a helpful response to conflict when you are too upset to deal with the situation rationally.” Avoiding also means that you don’t particularly care, “To avoid is to decide that the relationship, nor achieving your goals is
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