How To Avoid Tissue: A Case Study

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DOI: 5/9/2015. Patient is a 34-year-old male laborer who sustained injury to his right arm when he fell off the back of the garbage truck as it was turning. Per OMNI, he was initially diagnosed with right forearm radial fracture.
X-ray of the right elbow obtained on 06/26/15 revealed fracture of the radial neck.
Based on the latest progress report dated 02/10/16, the patient continues to complain of significant pain in his right lateral elbow. He has been compliant with weight restrictions. He is using his left arm mostly. There is pain during therapy.
On examination of the right upper extremity, there is tenderness to palpation to the lateral epicondyle. Elbow range of motion is full. There is pain with resisted wrist extension, supination and pronation.
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He underwent a repeat corticosteroid injection to the lateral epicondyle on this visit, with the 1st injection helped for several weeks. Possible surgical intervention was discussed if there will be no improvement after cortisone.

Per verification to the PT facility, the patient has completed 4 occupational therapy sessions to date for the right elbow.
Is the request for 1 Right Elbow Lateral Epicondylar Debridement; and 18 Physical Therapy Visits for the Right Elbow between 3/4/2016 and 5/3/2016 medically necessary?
C-4 for Preauthorization Request.
NY Medical Treatment Guideline does not address the
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