How To Be A Football Superstar Essay

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How a Football Superstar is born Football is a team sport; every single member of the team must be on the same page and have the same goal in mind to be successful. Every Football team always has that one person on the team who is described as the best player, a “Superstar”. To become a Football superstar and get all the fame and fortune it comes with, you must work really hard in the gym, Let yourself be your only competition, and do something spectacular that has never been done before in the history of football. The prototypical step to becoming great at Football, working out in the gym, isn't that difficult for some people, but for most it's the hardest step to do on a constant, continuous basis. Working out isn’t that hard is you keep in mind your reason of doing it, your “Why”, the end goal you wish to achieve. “Your body is a temple and you only get out what you put into it” is something you can keep in mind when you workout. All coaches, not only Football coaches love athletes who are are in top physical shape. It's also better for you when competing against other athletes because if you are in top shape you can perform better which leads to others viewing you as on of the top performers in your sport…show more content…
It might sound obscured because one cannot physically be their own competition. Being your own competition means strive to be physically and mentally better than you were the previous Football game. This can be attained by training harder than you did last practice, be more mentally prepared than you were last game, and make your goals twice as better than they were last game: “Score more Touchdowns than I did last game.” “Get more tackles than I did last game.” you can bet your coach will increase your ranking on the team, and the Football league will increase your player ranking among all other players in the league and your position. After this step you should be well on your way to being
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