How To Be Successful In The Military

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If you enjoy following orders and living life on someone else’s time, then you may be just right for the military. I believe that some people could do great and be very successful in the military, but on the other hand, there are many people that come to find out that military life just isn’t for them. There is an abundance of opportunities outside of the military and in my opinion, people shouldn’t settle for less. For example, the military may not be the best career path for creative people, young single people, or females in general.
The military may not be best for original and creative kinds of people. Which, considering we are human beings, tends to normally be everyone. The dilemma is if you’re willing to sacrifice you’re originality
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Gender equality seems to be an ongoing issue all over the world, so it’s no surprise to find out it’s also a problem in the military service. As a female in the service, expect to be automatically looked at differently. Females must work twice as hard to prove themselves as an efficient member of the team and to be taken seriously. On top of that, females must be very careful on how they display themselves, even off duty. For example, yoga pants are frowned upon being it shows the shape of the female body, but males don’t seem to have any dress code problems off duty. Even if the males wear shirts, that we can all agree, are a couple sizes too little. Which draws me to believe that females are looked at as a sexual object.
As I have shown, there are multiple reasons that could keep people from making the military their career choice. However, I will say it is very beneficial as a push start into adulthood. Sometimes at the ages eighteen to early twenties a lot of people are still finding themselves and the military will give young adults just what they need to get going and be successful in life. With that being said, there are both pros and cons that come along with an enlistment in the military, however, it is an acquired taste. Some people just aren’t cut out to be in the
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