How To Be an Active Leaner in a Group Environment

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This essay aims to highlight the various ways in which to be an active learner in a group environment, I will be doing this by using different theories and relevant experiences of both myself and others. It will specifically focus on the Bandura’s social learning theory and situated learning by Lave and Wenger. The essay itself will consist firstly of a Literature review where I will be using third party sources for support, next there will also be a critical analysis section which will further develop my ideas and allow me to share my own experiences. Lastly there will be a conclusion which will hopefully draw together the ideas that have been discussed and summarise the critical analysis section. It is so important for us to understand…show more content…
There are four major elements of Banduras theory are most relevant this analysis observational learning, reciprocal determinism, self-regulation and self-efficacy (Bandura, 1997). Observational learning variables consists of the ability of the individual to pay attention, the ability of the individual to retain the information, the behaviour production which involves adjustment of behaviour to fit the model and finally the motivation the individual has to behave in a similar way to the model .A model could be another person a book or even a TV programme which means in everyday life we are quite literally surrounded by potential models that we could if we deemed appropriate imitate and change our behaviour accordingly. This is theory that you see of and hear of in everyday life often, for example my own cousin Jack who is only six and therefore very easily influenced had watched a cartoon version of Spiderman and therefore Jack deemed it appropriate to jump of the garden shed. Jack ended up with many bruises a broken arm and a furious mother. Here Jacks model was the cartoon show, which he paid close attention to finding it amusing, he retained the information well and he thought it would be a cool thing to do which was his motivation. “natural tendency for humans to imitate what they see others do” (Bandura,1997) What I think this says in relation to our topic is that people do actively learn as you can see from the above example and
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