How To Become A Jew In Germany

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The careful transformation from a scared Jewish boy to a German citizen began after the national Jewish tragedy of Kristallnacht in 1939. My family was able to keep me hidden, however, my parents and older brother were not so lucky. The next afternoon, they were nowhere to be found, and I assumed the worst. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself, a Jew in Germany with no family; I was terrified they would find me. It was not the ideal situation. The first thing I did was run to some of my father’s oldest and most trusted friends, they were German, but I knew that they would keep me safe. My stay was brief, though, as I knew that I had put them in danger the moment they let me in and if they had gotten caught harboring a Jew, those consequences I would not wish…show more content…
I watch myself burn. My identity goes up in flames and Jakob, a Jew, no longer exists; I am now Henrik, a German, thought I know I should never let go of who I truly am I’ve spent the past three years of my life erasing myself slowly, slightly. If I were to do it fast, they would notice and suspect something. I am officially a fraud and I now have the forged German citizenship papers to prove it. I even have the German government convinced, I’m in too deep at this point. I have been drafted into the SS, I started training a few months ago. I still worry about being noticed. Everyone I used to know has been captured and likely killed.

My first major assignment was in the Kielce ghetto. At this point, I felt more confident about keeping my secret because I knew what they expect. Upon my stay there, I saw so many unimaginable situations that make me sick to my stomach every time, but I couldn’t show it. My people were being treated so poorly. Often, how much or even if you did eat depends on whether or not you were liked by the officers. I hated the Nazis for everything they did and believed and I knew I couldn’t let them win. I decided I would do everything in my power to make sure of
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