How To Become An Organ Donor

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When an individual becomes sixteen years of age, they are faced with a life changing decision: whether or not they should become an organ donor. While a person is deciding whether or not to become an organ donor for life, they are choosing to donate their organs to other individuals once they have passed away. Although an individual may not believe becoming an organ donor can have an effect on a person’s life, they are tragically mistaken. While the choice to become an organ donor has an effect on the donor’s family, it also has an unimaginable effect on not only the recipient’s life and the family’s lives as well. Organ donations are made possible due to the unexpected deaths of individuals that are willing to donate their organs to people…show more content…
This is a common belief among many individuals which in turn causes them to opt out of becoming an organ donor. However, many individuals don’t realize when they opt out of becoming a donor due to this belief; they are then possibly causing another individual to lose their life. For instance, if an individual believed they would receive a lesser amount of medical attention and decided not to become an organ donor, then one day contracted a life-threatening medical problem and passed away because of it even though they received the normal amount of medical attention, their organs would then be of no use because they never gave permission for their organs to be donated to those individuals who needed them. This in turn means one of the one hundred and twenty thousand individuals on the organ transplantation list will most likely lose their life, because one selfish individual was more concerned about living their own life as opposed to sacrificing their life for another
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