How To Break A Dragged Skin

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Brushes of various sorts are excellent on bare skin, especially when the submissive is blindfolded. For example, a soft brush such as a shaving or makeup brush can be alternated with a stiff brush such as a toothbrush on breasts, nipples, thighs, sides, and so on. An electric toothbrush makes a wonderful sex toy when used on a clitoris... A bamboo skewer of the type used in the kitchen is quite an interesting sensation toy when it's used on a bound and blindfolded person. Dragged slowly and with moderate pressure over the skin, it feels much sharper than it is; used on sensitive areas like nipples and breasts, you can make someone believe you're actually piercing the skin with a needle, even though the skewer is blunt and won't break the skin. Ice is a great all-purpose sex toy that can be used in a number of different ways. Of…show more content…
To do this, you'll need a plain unlubricated condom and the cardboard tube from the center of a roll of paper towels. Cut the cardboard tube lengthwise, then close it into a cylinder that's as wide as you want the dildo to be, and tape it. Fill the condom with water, tie it shut, and suspend it in the tube with a piece of string; the cardboard tube will prevent the water from bulging in the dildo. Then place it upright in the freezer. In a few hours, you'll have a seamless dildo made of ice whatever diameter you like! This can be used for vaginal or anal play; you can find illustrated step by step directions here. Note: Before penetrating anything with an ice cube, run water over it to prevent it from sticking to delicate membranes. Bubble wrap can be used to make a great, and unusual, dildo, in virtually any width you want. Take a length of bubble wrap and roll it tightly, bubble-side out for additional texture, until it's as thick as you like. Place a condom over the roll of bubble wrap, and use a rubber band or tape to hold the end of the condom in
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