How To Build The Pharaoh's Pyramid

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As you work on your family’s farm, you notice a person getting closer. Once you focus properly on the figure, you realize it’s a royal official coming to bring you news of the greatest joy: you will be given the honor of helping build the current pharaoh’s tomb. To help you excel in this task of utmost importance, I present to you a small guide on the steps you should take to ensure the success of the project. While you work on the tomb’s site, you will use blocks made of granite and limestone; rockers and sleds to transport them; stone and wooden tools; boats (some to ferry materials, others to leave for the pharaoh to use in the afterlife); and some filling dirt. Keep in mind that all these will be provided for you once you begin working. To build the pyramid, you must prepare the grounds, build the principal structure, then build the minor temples and add the finishing touches. Most of the steps in preparing the grounds will be done by a professional, or the pharaoh himself. First, the pharaoh will ask an architect to make a construction plan. Often, he will choose a place to begin building the structure before the plan is finished. As the…show more content…
As the passage in leveled, workers made a passage to the underground tomb. The tomb will consist of a storage room for the pharaoh’s possessions and the main room for the sarcophagus. As this happens, other workers will transport the blocks to the site and put them in place. As the pyramid grows taller, ramps will be put in place in order to carry the heavy stones to the top. Surveyors will repeatedly check the courses to ensure they are being built at the correct angle. When the pyramid reaches a specific height, the lack of wallspace will decrease the number of ramps in use. After 124 levels are completed, the granite capstone will be put in place and the remaining ramps will be dismantled to signify the end of the construction of the
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