How To Build A Snowman

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How to Build a Snowman If you’ve never built a snowman, it’s something you might like to try. This is an activity that every child or adult should be able to enjoy once in their life. In order to build a snowman, you must live in a climate suitable for snow, and in order to follow these directions, you must be able to comprehend simple instructions. If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to build your own snowman and teach others how to create them as well. Before you build your snowman, you obviously need to go outside and find some snow. You’ll also need two arm length sticks, a full sized carrot or piece of coal, and about 8 to twelve buttons, and a scarf and hat. You must make sure that it is cold enough so that the snow is not sloshy, and is packable. If the snow is still sticking together, then you’re good to go. To start off, roll a small ball of snow in your hands, making sure that it is not coming apart and is staying together nicely. Now you need to repeat this process, but with more snow. Keep checking to see if the snow is sticking, if it is not, the process won’t work. When the ball is about the size of your head, put it on the ground, preferably in a place with covered with a decent amount of snow, and began to roll the ball over the ground, back and forth. Continue to do this until the…show more content…
You can go further and dress up your snowman all the way, or create a snow family or snow fort. If you are a child, you should probably have a parent help you, especially if you want your snowman to be larger than yourself. But the biggest reminder is to make sure that the snow is packable enough, and that there is enough snow to build one in the first place. Remember, if you don’t live in a polar region, your snowman will not last forever. Though building a snowman is not a necessity to know how to do, it’s something you should be able to enjoy, or experience at least once in your
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