How To Build An Iphone Persuasive Essay

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The mobile phone to have

iPhone or galaxy that is the question, debating which device is the best to have is one of the daily discussions that goes around. This competition has been going around for several years, the two companies are head-to-head trying to create the most fitting tool for constant, everyday use. I believe that iPhone is the best device to have because the price is reasonable, the design is excellent and it has a smart system. I'm going to list 3 reasons why this is the mobile to have.

The price of any technical device is the first thing that pops up into the buyers' head. iPhone is the most well-known phones when it comes to smartphones, therefore the price might be a bit high but it is reasonable. For example, when buying your new phone the price is indicated by how much memory capacity do you need. You'll be making a smart choice because you're only going to spend money on what you'll be using in the long run According to, the price varies from $649 and $234. Also, the iPhone comes with a protective screen if you add $49, so if you break it, which is most likely not gonna cause any damage, the price to fix it is cheaper than other brands. In addition, it is easier to sell iPhone because it is worth the price and you won't
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It is so comfortable to hold because it fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. This technique is designed for a more supportive grip, making the device less slippery even if you don't have a protective case. Furthermore, the iPhone has basic colors like black, white and silver as well as the more unique, royal colors which make the person classy if these gold, rose gold and everyone's favorite the jet black colors were chosen. If you want to teach someone, for example, an older person or this is your first time using iPhone then don't worry because it is so simple and easy while others phones are more complex and super sensitive to
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