How To Build Berlin Wall

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August 13, 1961 Berlin, a thirteen foot concrete wall was being built to split Berlin into two, The East and The West. Some chose to stay, others left in fear of what was to come. A fifth of East Germany’s population had fled to the west, escaping the communist of the east. The wall left a tragic scar on all of Germany. Yet the wall could have been prevented, so why was the wall built? I will explain to you how the wall was built, through the discussion of East and West Germans’ relations and power struggles, what happened right before the wall was built, and the Berlin Wall being built.
Before the wall was built Germany was having disputes upon money and political actions. After the end of World War II, in 1945, Germany had to help pay back
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Many had to find new works or attempt to leave and start over once again.
What encouraged the Soviets to build the Berlin wall? East Germany said that they would not survive as a state with open borders to West Berlin
(Harrison, 166). East Germany saw West Berlin as a "bad" state. They believed that West Berlin was a ‘bad’ state because they had more than 200,000 refugees leave for the West and they did not, under any circumstances, like that. So, they asked for help from a neighboring country, The Soviet Union. The
Soviets who had just had the death of their dear leader, Stalin, in 1953 were requested, by East Germany, to close their border to West Berlin (Harrison,
166). The Kremlin ruler (Soviets) denied their request, due to Stalin’s practices. They told East Germany to fix their own problems. For seven years the Soviets kept them away from closing the border. Then, in the autumn of
1960, East Germany pressured the Soviet Union into closing the border. East
Germany had weakened their domestic and foreign problems, to guarantee the ongoing existence of the ‘socialist state’ would continue, if they closed the borders to West Berlin (Shaefer). East Germany fooled the Soviets. In the
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Which had created the refugee problem, East Germany complained about to the Soviets. West Berlin then became an isolated outpost of democracy and faced constant threats of supply cutoffs from East Germany
(William). West Berlin had also gained help from other countries to keep them alive as a ‘state’, so the two sides could eventually come back together as one.
Why was the wall built in Berlin 1961? The wall was built because of East and West Germans’ relations and power struggles. Power was the greatest impact on the foundation of the Berlin Wall. After World War II each side of
Germany was destroyed and each side had a different view point of what should and what would happen in their country. Even though they faced the same consequences, as one another, one side always has to be more dominant or have the most potential at being exceptional. East Germany was the side who wanted everything bigger and better than the other. They saw every country as a threat to their way of life and thought they would cease as a state. The wall wasn’t built to cause people to lose their job, or to create a new country. The wall was merely built because of dominance and
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