How To Buy a Product Safely on the Internet

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Because innovative technologies have transformed the world, and created an easy access to computers, the Internet has revolutionized traditional shopping, from a brick-and-mortar status to E-commerce. Today, a consumer can avoid errands and buy almost everything without living the comfort of his or her home. The author of this paper, ventured in the experience as an online naïve customer, provides a guideline of how-to-shop-safely-on-line for the first time. First, the paper covers the basic precautions and steps of where to search for buying a camcorder online from a specific merchant, a shopping portal, and a comparison-shopping site. Secondly, the author compares three selected Web sites and focuses on the purchase itself. Last, the…show more content…
More than 300 results pop up on the screen, with new and used products. It is a fact that, as an online portal, offers platforms for multiple online companies. It is essential to narrow down the search to a specific model and find a virtual store that offers the JVC product. Too many pages give an impression that the site lacks of clarity; but after a few mouse’s clicks, the author was able to narrow it down to a few camcorder in a similar range price that the other web page. A little tip from the author is that, spending some time scrolling on a web page can give an opportunity to discover an unexpected deal. The third web page is an easy accessible page to work with. The first screen asks you to enter the product searched. “ I’m shopping for JVC Camcorder” go. Instantly, the author can pick the model and use the button “compare prices”; the portal displays the product details, the different stores’ prices, and the names of the virtual stores. The comparison online seems very easy. Multiple clicks give you features, specifications, and reviews. The toughest part is now how to spot the right site because the range of prices is large, and some prices seem extravagant. Decision After reading the privacy and security policies of how and what information and cookies are collected and share with other sites, the three web pages
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