How To Choose Native American Mascots

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When you turn on the TV, you can see a variety of sport teams during this sport season in the USA. The most common and impressive thing is a sport team chooses some pictures or characters as logo or mascots to represent their teams. One of particular things is using Native American as a mascot. Choosing Native American as a sport team mascot not only represent a sense of pride, but also glorify and honor our country’s history. Sport teams choose Native American as mascots based on the things that they respect; also, the things that exhibit the traits that they want their athletes to espouse such as bravery, respect, admiration, courageousness and wisdom. In addition, the most significant thing that they want their athletes to embrace is perseverance.…show more content…
Most of the people take more attention to the indigenous people of North America and get more interested in our culture. For example, the Blackhawks have taken the initiative to participate in their community in order to reveal they are absolutely concerned about Native American’s life. Furthermore, they will continue to make an effort and subsidize those Indian tribes to get high quality education. Also, letting them understand that choose Native American as a mascot is a way to pay respect and praise them. Even though some sport teams may use the derogatory term as their team name such as “redskin”, there is not sufficient reason to state all Native American mascot are disrespectful. Although some Native American people might believe all kinds of the mascots are racist, or the mascot could make them in the embarrassing position, just like the “Redskin” that directly refer to the color of native’s skin that should be eliminated. But some sport team like Atlanta Brave and Akwesasne Warriors do not refer to any kind of negative stereotype which are produced by the inaccurate bias and prejudices. Therefore, the Native American mascots are not meant to denigrate or demote them. In contrast, we would like to create as a way to remember, admire and honor the natives of this territory rather than create
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