How To Connect A Hot Tub Essay

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What To Expect When Connecting A New Hot Tub To Electricity

If you're planning to buy a hot tub, one thing you'll have to do is hire an electrician to get the electrical panel ready. While you might be able to pour the foundation for the tub and assemble it once it's delivered, connecting it to electricity should be done by a licensed residential electrician. Here is a quick look at the process of hooking your tub up to electricity.

Check Local Codes

Hiring an electrician isn't only for safety reasons, it's also so the work is done up to code. You'll want to call your local codes office and find out if you need a permit and inspection for your newly installed tub. You'll probably find out the work has to be completed by a licensed electrician and done according to standard national and local codes. These codes regulate how close the pool must be to the power supply
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This is done by laying down a conduit first. This is a tube that holds the cords so they are protected from water, insects, and other harm. The conduit can be buried underground or placed in a trench in a concrete foundation. If you plan to bury the conduit, you want to check with your local utility companies to make sure you won't dig in areas where pipes and wires are buried close to your house. Once the conduit is where you want it, the electrician pulls the wires through it and connects one end of the wires to the electrical panel and the other end to the hot tub.

The final step before filling your hot tub with water is to have it inspected. This may be a necessary step required by a local codes inspector to make sure the work is done right and your tub is safe. Even if your local codes office doesn't require an inspection, you want to make sure the electrician performs an inspection of the work from start to finish. Then you can rest easy knowing your hot tub is safe and ready for you to
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