How To Convey An Experience In An Engaging Narrative?

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1. I can convey an experience or event in an engaging narrative. The example I highlighted, shows that I am able to convey an experience, because the hero has learned something about himself. He set out on a quest, in order to protect his homeland, and ended up realizing, that what others think of him, shouldn’t make him feel bad about himself. I have him going through multiple obstacles and tests, to finally realize that who he is as a person is fine. This proves, that I am able to convey and experience through an engaging narrative. 2. I can use the monomyth cycle to introduce characters and organize events in a compelling narrative. The first example I have sets up the status quo for the story. It introduces the main character, and how he is…show more content…
I can write and format dialogue correctly. The examples I have on the first two pages, show that I am able to format dialogue correctly. By using dialogue, I am changing the dynamic, because I’m giving the reader a view of what people actually think. It helps people understand, what people feel about something or how they would respond. This provides evidence, that I can write and format dialogue correctly in a story. 5. I can use sensory and descriptive language. On page four, I show, that I am able to use descriptive and sensory language. I am able to provide the reader with descriptions of what the setting is. I describe what the shack is like in great detail, because I provide what the door, windows, fireplace, and etc. are like. This shows, that I am able to use descriptive and sensory language correctly in a story. 6. I can transition between ideas and between events. The transitions that I put on the first two pages, show how I can move on to different events in time. I have Bond going from District 11, and ending up in District 12. This shows, that I am moving the location of story, to have Bond ending up meeting new characters, in search of assistance for his quest. 7. I can provide an effective
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