How To Deal Or Handle Stress?. People Always Hear That

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How to deal or handle stress?
People always hear that stress has serious health risks and that it can cause grey hair or even to lose it! Constantly, people feel the strain with balancing everything in life from family work and school to social events and trying to find time to relax. When people take a step back and view the whole situation, many questions regarding stress may be thought up. Do we even understand what stress is? What can it really do to us? What is it? What are the actual health risks? Is there anything good that can come from it? And finally what can be done to cope with stress?
First off, what is stress? Stress is “The state which is seen in response to internal or external stressors. Every system of the body responds
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When stressed, men release a much smaller amount of oxytocin. With smaller doses of oxytocin being released, it is harder for men to relax and think when stressed, also leading to bottle up emotions. Eventually men just get over it and move passed the situation that stressed them out. Men also tend to avoid things or people that cause them stress or discomfort rather them approaching them, but in other cases when testosterone is high under stressed conditions fighting is a common. (Why men and woman)
What diseases can come from stress? Over time, if you stress too much it can start to wear down your body and start to cause serious problems. Most common diseases that are usually associated with stress include: diabetes, asthma, heart disease, headache, depression, worsen of depression, pre-mature death, worsen of Alzheimer’s and high blood pressure. Feeling stressed out can make you feel like you’re not in control and hopeless, but that’s not the case. It’s very important to learn how to cope with your stress so that you can enjoy every day and prevent these health problem in the future (WebMD). Along with diseases, stress can dramatically affect your brain and mental health. When stress is introduced to a situation, our bodies produce hormones that help us survive or conquer the difficult situation. Two of the main hormones produced are adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline is used to give the host an extra boost of energy to help you
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