How To Describe A Dover Arena Essay

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The Dover Arena is a dark green and dingy white color on the outside. Its gigantic heavy, dark green doors are in the center at the front of the concrete building. You walk in and immediately feel the swift cool breeze that smells like burnt popcorn and over salted crispy brown pretzels. The floor is lined with specialized gray rubber for the skaters. In front of your very eyes, you see the green front desk, with the helpful workers dressed in their green jackets ready to assist you with any of your needs. On top of the front desk you see a gray colored old fashioned tv with a coat of dust over the screen.
To the right of the green painted front desk, is a marked-up shiny whiteboard that has scratches all over it from erratic young
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Farther along, to the right, you can see what looks like a grey shed along the arena walls. It's the massive home of the green, white, and yellow painted Zamboni, that has an overwhelming amount of ads on its sides. Beside that is the green heavy metal door that leads you into a jet black rubberized floored hallway. The hallway is lined with dark green doors that contain heaps of benches and foul-smelling hockey equipment and players. There is also conference rooms and special offices for the people who run the arena. On the right, you can take a turn and head into the second arena. Or you can keep straight and end up in the huge lobby filled with an abundance rambunctious people. When you take a right, there are two metal doors with box-shaped windows on the upper half. When you open the door you are accompanied by obnoxious screaming people banging on the fogged up glass, mad at the refs for not calling the right things. You can see the stands on either side of you as you walk in. They are old wooden brown stands that are split apart by an entryway in the dead center of the arena that has black rubber flooring. On your left, you see thousands of wooden benches stacked on top of each other and is the first half of the bleachers. To the right, you see the other half of the bleachers with matching brown wooden benches. On both sides above the bleachers is a shiny white wall with a singular slick, polished green strip that stops when it reaches the center
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