How To Describe Cranbury School

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As an eight year old I would have never imagined all the memories I would make at Cranbury School. I was a nervous wreck when I moved here, wishing to return home to Washington everyday. I hadn’t met anyone or done anything yet, but it was a new place, and that is always scary. Inevitably, I met new people. I found good friends, welcoming teachers, and interesting activities. The experience I’ve had at Cranbury School is one that is exclusively available here.
I remember Mrs. Charwin's new students welcoming group. At the time I didn’t like it, in fact, I stopped going, but looking back I’m able to appreciate it. In that group I made two of my best friends. Although these friendships didn’t last forever, they lasted long enough. For six years Cranbury has provided me with a tight knit group of friends that have always supported me, and cared for me. We made memories through Odyssey of the Mind, and Girl Scouts, but also simply through being each other's company. Looking back, I realize that I have been incredibly lucky to make such important friendships.
In fourth grade I joined band. I got my first pick, trumpet, and I was thrilled. I spent the summer before fourth grade playing anything I could, while simultaneously developing a love of music. Fourth and fifth grade band were fun, but it wasn’t until sixth grade that I started to
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I vividly remember a project where we had to design a restaurant menu, and make an advertisement for our restaurant. These memories are filled with laughter and wide smiles from everyone in the group. Then, in seventh grade, we started focusing on Mini Model Congress. Here, I realized my passion for debate, and law. We developed our own bills, and took a trip to the state house we were simulated the passing of a bill. Experiences like these not only made me happy, but they peaked my interest in areas that I otherwise would have never
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