How To Describe Your Current Reading And Writing Habits

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When asked to describe my current reading and writing habits, the most prominent factor is that I do both every single day. Whether I am reading and responding to an email, text message or taking personal time and reading for pure enjoyment. At the current stage of my life I enjoy many different forms of reading material, however, most of the time I find myself only having time for a select few. The bible is something I haven’t spent a lot of time with and often have a hard time understanding, nonetheless, this is something I want to work on and grow with, so I try and read pieces of that every few days. I also enjoy cookbooks and recipes are something I grew up reading and still enjoy. The books and stories I read the most are a mostly personal development books regarding self-love. I spent a lot of my life doing the opposite of that, incorporating it into my daily routine helps me stay accountable on my journey and myself.
Growing up I didn’t ever struggle with reading or writing. However, I always felt anxious and fretful when I was chosen to read aloud in class. It wasn’t that I was bad at reading, it was more that I would make a simple error and kids would laugh or think poorly of me. As an adult looking back I am sure that most of my classmates felt the same way. When I begin to teach this is something I think creates more stress
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I found that especially at that age I enjoyed reading stories about girls my age, girls who were struggling with struggles I was having. Not only did reading these stories allow learning to take place, it opened my eyes to ideas on how to solve problems that I may not have been aware before. As a teacher helping my students find the type of books that interest them a huge part of making reading, writing, and all literacy fun and something they look forward
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