•How To Develop The Decision To Know, When To Follow A

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• How to develop the decision to know, when to follow a written procedure and when to adapt. • How to give concrete feedback to the employees that motivates them to improve. • How to manage the personnel stress while managing the stress of others. • How to perfect the Communication skills. • Participate in Team building, Problem-solving and decision-making skills. • Motivate and recognize the positive feedback from the employee. Project Plan My proposal to the management is below to motivate our current company’s employee: SUPERVISOR TRAINING: A 4-DAY SERIES WITH 2 FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS This proposal endorses an initial series of four one-day training programs for new supervisors to address the key issues and skills outlined…show more content…
2. DAY TWO IT’S NOT PERSONAL: Understand Why People Behave differently Section Four Understand Yourself. Section Five Understand Others. 3. DAY THREE SUCCESSFUL WORK RELATIONSHIPS Section Six The Art of Communication. 4. DAY FOUR PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS AND PROBLEM SOLVING Section Seven Performance Evaluation. Section Eight Problem Solving Skills. 5. TWO FOLLOWUP DAYS • Three Months after the training is completed. • Six Months after the training is completed. Program Descriptions & Objectives SECTION ONE: DAY ONE: Managing Stress Program Description Supervisors need to know how to recognize, intervene and, when possible, prevent employee stress. Different people show stress in different ways, so the stressful reaction to one person might be a norm for another. There are many generalized levels of the symptoms that include negative thoughts and worry, emotions, behavior habits, and physical symptoms. A supervisor or a team leader needs to be aware of the negative effects of the stress on work performance, and should know when the employees show change in their routine. In this program supervisors will learn to understand and handle their own stressful reactions that result from their change to being a supervisor, as a first step in becoming effective at supervising others. Objectives Participants will be able to; • Recognize three sources of stress (personal, environmental, organizational). • Categorize symptoms of
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