How To Ensure Captive Animals In Captivity

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Wild animals have been used as a form of entertainment for humans throughout history, from being forced to fight in arenas in Ancient Rome to those currently being kept in places like zoos where they perform and are showcased. While animals like cats and dogs have been domesticated over thousands of years, chosen for the physical and psychological traits that make them ideal as companions, wild animals have needs that are much more difficult to meet. People often don’t realize or don’t care that these creatures have a number of requirements when it comes to living a healthy and natural life. Efforts have been made to ensure the fair treatment of these creatures in captivity, such as the Animal Welfare Act, a federal law regulating the treatment of animals in exhibition. While it is impossible to duplicate the wild environment in captivity, there are still many improvements that can be made to ensure captive animals are living as good of a life as they can under the circumstances. The Zoological Association of America created a document called the Animal Care and Enclosure Standards…show more content…
While the best thing for animals is obviously to leave them in their natural habitat, it is hard to return animals already living in captivity for a extended amount of time into the wild. In some cases, wild animals can be taken in for health reasons and returned once healed and it is determined that they are fit to live return to their lives, they are also temporarily captured for conservation purposes for example a species is endangered and they need to breed to increase their population. However most of the creatures in captivity were born there, and are therefore incapable of surviving in the wild, which is why it is so incredibly important to make sure they are living the healthiest and happiest lives we as humans can
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