How To Eradicate Poverty In America

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Thomas Langley
Dr. Joffe
English 1301
May 2, 2016
America’s Nightmare: Poverty
Poverty is a word that evokes images of little children with ribs showing and very little clothes somewhere in a Third World country. According to Webster’s Dictionary, poverty is “the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions.” (Merriam-Webster) Poverty is a condition that has been around for a long time and will probably remain in society for years to come. As each generation rolls around, they have different ways of combatting poverty. Although this has been an ongoing war, is the government doing enough to eradicate poverty in America? During the Great Depression, the government created several organizations …show more content…

The problem we are having seems to be there is no dent in the poverty level of America. The U.S. Census indicates that the government spent $871 billion on assistance in 2010. That is nearly $9,000 for every poor and/or low-income person in America. (Rector and Sheffield) The problem which occurs is what people are expected to pay out is higher than what they are bringing in. Where does the government need to start? President Johnson intended the war on poverty to help Americans become self-sufficient but unfortunately the people who are receiving the help are becoming dependent on the help. The standard of living keeps increasing so the help to reach that goal also …show more content…

Government is aiding with the effects of poverty but not doing enough in order to eradicate the cause of poverty. By taking money and reallocating it to programs to enhance the knowledge of the working class instead of just aiding in the effects would greatly increase the chances of coming up out of the poverty level. A much needed overhaul of the government aid programs needs to be done in order for those who are taking advantage of the system to be stopped and those whom are in need of the help get the provisions needed. As much as the government does not want to hear it (nor do it) they need a budget cut themselves also. The money that could be saved by these government officials could be used to coordinate new programs for educating and helping the men and women who are truly in

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