How To Fold Fitted Sheet

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Introduction My instructions are intended walk a person through the steps of how to fold a set of sheets so that they can fit into a pillow case. Any person who is willing or wanting to fold a sheet is who I made these instructions for for Doing this can help a person better organize their linen closet and hopefully lower the anxiety of folding a fitted sheet neatly. If you have ever folded a fitted sheet than you may be aware that they are a challenge to fold. Objective This process is intended to help the user to fold the fitted sheet in a neater manner. The corners of the sheets of the fitted sheet normally have the elastic in them to help them stay on the mattress but, they often times get in the way when trying to fold them. My attempt…show more content…
I noticed that he also had a hard time with the corners on the fitted sheet. He was able to get a similar end product as me. Katie Moore, a friend of mine, followed the directions the best out off all the test subjects. I was ecstatic to see that she was able to fold the fitted sheet according to my directions, more specifically the part where you roll one corner over the other. Conclusion This assignment challenged me. I chose something that I thought would be easy to dictate and something that most people would be able to do at home. Little to my surprise, telling someone via text and pictures how to fold a fitted sheet was very challenging. I can imagine that when people publish directions they have a team of people look over them at first. I feel that in order to have good concise directions, it would be best to have as many people review them before they are published. With that said, this assignment was useful to myself and I learned quite a bit about directions and am reminded about how powerful words can be if used right. Without the revisions from my peers my directions would make some very
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