How To Go Back Into A Truck Essay

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I slop through the mud, moving damp chunks of ash from the ground to the back of the truck. I continue this repetitive motion until it becomes innate, not slowing to consider the actions of my body. My mind drifts to thoughts of some far away place. A place I often visit to comprehend the incomprehensible, to piece together pieces that never really fit, and to explain the unexplainable. It’s a place where nothing makes sense yet everything is calm. “Will you help me lift this into the truck?” My mind becomes distorted as I’m taken from that abstract place, the place where I find comfort in the doubts and reason in the foolishness. I’m brought to the bare field filled only with my family, dog, and the broken tree destroyed by the a man providing heat for his children during the frigid months of…show more content…
Struggling to organize my mind I attempt to return to the place I’d been, trying to grasp any bit of the context of my thoughts. While thinking I fell upon a new topic, a topic I haven’t considered much about. As it begins to form I feel a sense of understanding comes over me and I know I’ve fallen upon something important. I watch my father and siblings work and begin to wonder whether other families work together as a unit like ours does. Do the children help with the work traditionally for men? If so, are they as willing as we are? I realize my family isn't like the typical family you see nowadays. We are strange, different, and united. There was a time when I felt disappointed with my family for not being like other families I knew, but through deeper reflection, I decide it is something to be proud of. We are the way we are and it works. We’re all our own people with our own thoughts, personalities, and ways of doing things. One trait that we all share is our willingness to work. Doing the “man’s job” has taught me that I am as strong as a man and have the capability to do the same things they do. I witness this being carried out with my
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