How To Have Power In The Crucible

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As I make my journey to Boston with Mercy, We prepare for a new beginning. at the dirty and the stifling town of Salem where I was so easily able to control the fools who believed me. I gained power in Salem, the power I gained and abused was beyond describing I wanted more and once I first stumbled onto the power I had to control Salem and start the havoc I knew there was no way I were to ever give that up. Betty and that snivelling girl Mary Warren nearly ruined the for me to have power over Salem, nothing would stand in my way even if I had to threaten to come to them in the black of some terrible night and bring a pointy reckoning that would shudder them just like my parents were brutally murdered, oh and trust me there was nothing stopping me from that happening.…show more content…
What made having the power so easy was the fools that were my uncle Parris, reverend Hale and the Putnam’s all took my word as the gospel truth and I could get away with anything I wanted. That was until Reverend Hale finally found his wits, I finally left the village with Mercy and all of uncle’s money before for I will have been caught soon for my abuse of power, to bad for them they put their trust in an innocent little girl with no parents. Although I may have started the hysteria Salem itself fanned the flames, spreading the fire, destroying almost every soul in that backward village. The power I had in Salem is something I need and it was handed to me in
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