How To Have a Lazy Day

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Have you ever been so utterly stressed out that you had to step aside for a few moments and close your eyes, pretending you’re somewhere else entirely? There are many things in life that I look forward to. Through tedious tasks each day, I can’t help but daydream about the things that I would most prefer to be doing. Sometimes it could be as simple as enjoying a coffee ice cream shake. For the most part, however, I fantasize about my favorite non-food items. A warm, sunny day with a gentle breeze. A picnic at my favorite brook. Long road trips with great tunes and a friend. Though these are all fantastic ideas, I have to say that there is one day-off activity that I am an utter expert at: the ultimate retreat: the lazy day on the couch. …show more content…
Having chips, granola bars, chocolate, and maybe even a few pre-made sandwiches within easy reach is a bonus. Mini-fridges help in this aspect, but are not absolutely necessary. Ice cream is non-negotiable. Chocolate or butterscotch syrup may be added according to preference- in fact any topping can be added- peanuts, sprinkles, even fresh fruits. Sherbet may be substituted in cases of lactose intolerance. Soda, tea, beer, and bottled water can help for thirst. These must be within easy reach, and sometimes it can help to keep a cooler close-by with ice, so that your drinks are refreshingly cold. Occasionally a commercial may come on for a food item not in stock in the fridge. These things can not be pre-planned, and so a delivery menu can keep a great situation from becoming dire. It is recommended that a hat and a long jacket be kept near to the door, so that embarrassment at your clothes does not impede on fantastic Thai food delivery. Arrangements must be made pre-lazy day for these things. Being hungry and parched in front of a television can cut into lethargic bliss. The third and last crucial factor of laziness is the proper attire. On a lazy day, jeans are not allowed. In fact, even showers are somewhat frowned upon. In the event that a shower is deemed necessary, it must not be quick and the heat is allowed to be turned up to the comfort level at least for the duration of said shower. Returning to
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