How To Improve The Deliberative Process Of Subordinates

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I think to alter the deliberative process of anything I would need to know how the attitudes and behaviors of my subordinates are. If I want to improve the quality of advice I am receiving, I would make them fill out forms anonymously, create a suggestion box, or meet one-on-one depending on what I know about them. I project that when I meet with them as a group, groupthink happens thus keeping us, as a team, disconnected from the real problem and me, as their supervisor, from fixing the problem and coming to a solution.
In order to stray away from such dysconnectivity, I think that as a supervisor, I should do the following: Define rules and processes, encourage full participation, debate and conflict, and divide the group into smaller …show more content…

It is all about changing your focus when it comes to group meetings because as a supervisor, we know that no one would voluntarily speak up especially on something that needs to be fixed or is negative, but that is something that we would need to get out into the air so we can all come together and come up with solutions as to how we can make certain situation better, instead of refraining from voicing what is wrong and the situation never getting fixed more or so worsening.
I would try different exercises to make sure we are getting to the core of the issue like seeking the purpose of this meeting, defining the process of how this meeting will be handled, including the people who are involved or who will be affected, layout the context of the situation and provide examples in hopes of us all coming together to frame the outcome for future days at work.
Based on what I’ve gathered from most of my sociology and communication courses on interpersonal communication I thought that this would be a good way for a supervisor to engage with their subordinates. There are many theories that aid in helping guide a group dynamic such as this one and I thought that groupthink helped explain why I might have had an issue with the advice I was given, but the theory also give great insight on what I can do to assure that everyone gets a chance to be heard and provide a space where people in the workplace can come and express their concerns. I’ve worked in many customer

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