How To Investigate CyberCrime Essay

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How to…Investigate Cybercrime

In the early computer days with mainframes and reel to reel the Cyber Criminals used their programming skills to hack in and take money from banks and big corporations. These banks and Corporations decided it was less costly to hire the criminals instead of prosecuting them. Today, the average Lap Top has about the same capability as the old mainframes. Everyday thousands of people and businesses are victimized by cybercrimes all over the world. This is why most major municipals or counties now have cybercrime investigators. In the mid 1990’s most computers were hooked up to the internet. In 1995, the internet opened up a wide range of crimes the criminals could take advantage of. Crimes
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A detective must have a thorough knowledge of the technology before he can be effective in this field. Once the skill set is there it is time to go after the criminals. Most cybercrimes are reported by citizens much like regular crimes. A person contacts local Police reporting a crime. The first step is to find the (IP) address of the person who defrauded the citizen. An (IP) address is a series of numbers and letters that are attached to all data put on the internet and registered with the auction site the suspect used. Most sites have their own security people that the investigator would work with to get the (IP) address for the (ISP) internet service provider. The ISP is not required by law to release this information so a court order might be needed. If the company requires a court order, a letter requesting the ISP to retain the information until a court order is obtained is a good idea because ISP’s are not required to retain the data. Once the court order is obtained and the investigator gets the name and address it might be in a different jurisdiction, other state or country but jurisdictional disputes are rare because most agencies don’t have Cybercrime units. Some use civilian companies to investigate Cybercrime. Once the computer or computers are obtained the forensic specialist takes over and makes a true copy of the hard drive to get all information including deleted and temporary files. Having up to date equipment with large
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