How To Kill A Monster: A Narrative Fiction

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“Stiles, this is a horrible idea,” I gulped, glancing at the oaks around us. “Which half of the body are we looking for, anyway?” Scott, my twin brother, questioned. “If we get caught,” I murmured quietly, ignoring his question, “your father will kill us.” Stiles peered at me like I was demented. “You’re worried about my dad finding us when the killer could still be out there?” “She makes a point, Stiles,” Scott warned. Unexpectedly, I heard a dog barking and peeked upward, noticing a flashlight up ahead. “Let’s go,” I said, starting to walk away, when Scott grabbed me by my shoulder and held me against a tree with his hand over my mouth. I peeked over his shoulder, seeing Stiles with his father, and decided to stay quiet. After they…show more content…
When I looked up, thinking that I was going to be staring into the eyes of the monster, but, instead, I saw someone running past. Thinking that they wouldn’t hear me, I almost stopped myself from calling out. But, seeing black spots dance across my vision, I weakly cried out, “P-please save him. T-that monster, it’s still out there Please, help.” Thinking they still couldn’t hear me, I continued talking, but this time to myself, “Even if I’m going to stranded in the middle of nowhere with a killer on the loose I-i don’t want Scott to.” I chuckled sadly, hissing in in pain as I turned my head. “My jugular must be punctured… Whoever you are, please, I don’t have long. Sooner or later I’ll pass out. Just… help my brother, please…” Then, the guy from earlier looked up and started walking towards me. When he reached me, without saying anything, he reached down and carefully brought me into his arms bridal…show more content…
“Well, my name’s Lillian Rose Mccall, but you can call me Lilli, Lil, An, Rose, Ro, or even Rosa. I mean, my best friend does, but, you know, she’s a little weird. Even if she’s the most popular girl in school, she just drives my friends and me nuts, but I love her because, you know, she’s my bestfriend. I’m pretty sure Stiles would hate me if I was mean to her, I mean, he’s been in love with her since third grade-” My savior cut me off with a chuckle. “You must be really nervous, if what you said earlier is true.” Hoping I didn’t offend him, I scrambled for a reply, “Oh, i-it’s not you, I just haven’t been the most comfortable around men since my fath-” I cut myself off before I start ranting.
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