How To Live In Sub-Saharan Africa Essay

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Imagine you, having to wake up as early as 5 in the morning (maybe a little earlier!), your mouth as dry as the Saharan desert. You have strep, and you wake up with a quenched thirst and sore throat. You then get on your lightest clothes if you have any, and you head out to the nearest river/lake/tap/stream which would be at least 7 miles away. That is like from Collingswood to Mount Laurel! You then fill up your water basket which could weigh up to 70 pounds and the water could be contaminated. BUt anyway, you do it to live and for your family to live even though it may be unhealthy. Also, imagine that you have a dream to become a Doctor but you can’t because your family can’t afford to keep you in school. You can only eat the same food over…show more content…
For example, 40% of people that live in Sub-Saharan Africa live in poverty. Women and children that live in Sub-Saharan Africa make as little as 75p a day which is equivalent to $1.25. Picture this: you go to your local market to buy nothing to buy with your family’s money except for oats. All your family eats is oats, oats for breakfast, oats for lunch and oats for dinner. You would probably get tired of eating the same thing over and over again right? This is how people in Africa have to live life, eating the same things over and over…show more content…
There are some reasons why people do not want to donate to charities, mainly because it could go to the wrong person or place where it is not used for a good cause. Some charities tell you how many lives you saved, such as the Red Cross. Major companies are usually the safest companies to donate to because they are the most reliable. LIttle and minor companies may be a little shady, so it is best to do some research about them. In fact, many people stop donating because they use smaller and shadier companies. Even donating a dollar to a reliable charity that will give to people such as the Africans that struggle with clean water could help a
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