How To Liveto 100 By Dan Buettner

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Living Happier and Longer Forever Could people live longer having a happy and healthy life? Most humans would like to live many years with health, happiness and quality of life; however, only few people have longer and healthy lives. According to Dan Buettner in “How To LiveTo 100”, healthy habits and life styles have demonstrated good results in people of different cultures for increasing life expectancy. Buettner’s study found some communities that can live more than 85 years enjoying and remaining active in society and these groups of people were denominated “Blue Zones”. Meanwhile, American life expectancy average “is only 78 years” and it is lower in comparison with other countries that their average is more than 85 years and over; this…show more content…
Discussing about Blue Zones, Buettner illustrates that Okinawa population have a long life because they have a diet based-plant and eat small portions that are previously served in the kitchen without option to serve more in the table and how these habits have given a long life (Buettner par. 18). Buettner states, that people in Okinawa have “a plant –based diet, full of vegetables with lots of color in them”. In other words, Buettner believes that diets based in products derived from vegetables and plants, are wholesome and increase people longevity, because these products have natural ingredients and prevent chronic diseases. Therefore, if my peers can eat more vegetables produced in their gardens and modify the portions for smaller plates these changes could have positive impact in their life…show more content…
In countries that families are tight and have close relationships, elder people can live healthy and longer, feeling that they are important and useful for new generations (Buettner, part 14).. Specifically, in Sardinia elder people are recognized for their wisdom and their positive influence in their children life. For example, “the grandmother effect” is important to prevent diseases and death in both, elder and young people (Buettner, part 15). As an illustrion, Buettner exorts the importance of the family in Blue Zones’ societies and how they take care of their children and elders building healthy and strong communities and this behavior impacts life expectancy (Part 15). Although some American people are extremely independent, in my neighborhood is possible to plan communities activities that involve different generations such us tennis, basketball and volleyball tournaments and another activities in holidays, taking advantages of the neighborhood facilities; thus, spending time in family and establishing close and strong relationships is an important fact than my neighbor’s families could be considered to increase life
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