How To Make A Doodle

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It is a great big world out there, especially for a doodle. I have oodles of doodle gumption and zest for life, but sometimes human things can be a bit intimidating. Over the last few months, my mom and dad worked really hard to help me face my fears and keep my adventurous spirit. Now, because I am who I am and I am one of those dogs who lives to eat instead of eats to live; treats really helped me feel good about some potentially tough scenarios. People use this trick too. For example, you may occasionally enjoy comfort food to ease your stress or anxiety – there is a reason the M&M jar in the office never stays full.

I am going to give you tips on how to use treats to help puppies, like me, positively associate with some uniquely
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Scary Sounds
Not to brag, but my hearing is way better than human’s hearing. So this one is really important. Sirens, fireworks, thunderstorms, car horns and traffic, crowds, radios, loud music, etc. are all much louder to me, than you. So making sure your puppy feels good about the sound is really important.

Objects with Wheels
That first car ride home was crazy! That big ol’ metal box moves so fast! I love car rides, but it can be a little discombobulating if you aren’t used to it. So can motorcycles and bicycles, so lots of love and treats when we handle it well.

New Environments
I am a super curious guy so I love going on adventures. There are few places that my parents made sure I was comfortable with to start: being in a kennel, going to stores, looking good at the groomers, and…the vet. That last one was super important, and also really hard.

All of these experiences for me took patience, love, support and TREATS! But I am a happier, healthier pup because of the work we did together. So get out there and help your pup experience new things in a positive
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