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How to NOT get fucked in TOR! its a long Tutorial but it worth every cent! its not mine and i delete some links for security purpose but if you want any link just hit me up and i can help u! Here's a guide on how to get started buying from tor black markets without getting screwed. I'll be updating this thread as new developments arrive. HOW NOT TO GET FUCKED - A QUICKSTART GUIDE TO BUYING ILLEGAL SHIT ON TEH INTERWEBS!!! Last Updated 6/7/2014 Contents: === Agora Invite === IMPORTANT UPDATE! DO NOT USE BITCOIN FOG! THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY!!! === Who I Am And Why You Should Listen To What I Have To Say === How Not To Get Fucked === How Not To Get Fucked By The Marketplace You Buy From === How Not To Get Fucked By Shared Addresses And…show more content…
These are not good addresses: Joe Smith 100 Main St Anytown, NY 10001 Joe Smith 100 Main St Anytown, NY 10001 Joe Smith 100 Main Street 10001 Anytown, NY 100 Main Street Anytown, NY 10001 3.) Ideally, they use a PO Box with a "Doing Business As" (DBA) name as the recipient. This is something not many people do and it's probably not really all that important. But having a DBA license from your city, such as "Tristate Enterprise Electronics" or something relatively generic yet unique can help add some anonymity to your shipments. The name should be nicely boring so that no one who ever sees it will think it's clever and memorable. It should sound grey and dull and highly forgettable. Have a PO box registered in your DBA and have packages delivered to it. Something like: Tristate Enterprise Electronics PO Box 666 Anytown, NY 10001 Basically this adds some level of indirection between you and the addressee so that if shit goes down you can at least show it was not sent to you personally. To be honest, using a PO Box and DBA is not really required for deniability. Probably less than 5% of my customers use a PO box and maybe about 1% use a DBA. To my knowledge none of the ones who just have it sent to them directly at "Joe Smith" have ever had any problems with the pigs. (Note that you should NOT use "Joe Smith" or some fake name as your recipient name. It needs to be a valid name of a person who really does live there. Ideally it needs
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