How To Nab Youngsters 101. Joyce Carol Oates Wrote “Where

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How to Nab Youngsters 101 Joyce Carol Oates wrote “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” in 1966. This was written to be for all the teenagers that think they know best. Connie is a self- absorbed teenager that is extremely aware of her beauty, and uses this to her advantage with different characters throughout the story. Her conflict with her mother and sister because of the self-assurance and arrogance leads to her demise. She gets herself into trouble by disobeying her parents and going out to places she should not be going to. She finds Friend, the antagonist, which lures “little ol” Connie with his good looks and his hot ride. One day he shows up to her house, uninvited, and this sets off the climax and resolution of the…show more content…
This should ease your parents and make them believe you are truly a good child. Of Course Connie pulled attention and was able to turned heads while she was carefree. At this point she is putting herself out there for any additional attention she can get, that she isn’t receiving from home. Connie is an ignorant adolescent that doesn’t know much about real life circumstance furthermore how dangerous life really is. Although Connie’s parents did teach her right from wrong, it seems her father is too busy working the majority of the time and cannot be bothered. Connie and her mother clash almost always, it’s almost as if she is somewhat jealous of her good looks. Connie’s mother is almost disgusted with her confidant behavior. It seems like a love hate relationship they share. They’re friends but they fight about senseless things, on the other hand Connie was always being compared with her eldest sister June. June is 24 years old and content with herself. “Chunky and steady” (Oates 308), just the opposite of Connie, June was the worthy child. Their mother always threw, “ June did this. June did that, June saved money and helped clean the house and cook and Connie couldn’t do a thing, her mind was filled with trashy dreams” (Oates 308). This created a sibling rivalry and more envy throughout their family. Well that was mostly true because Connie liked the idea of boys. Furthermore this is where antagonist Arnold Friend was a real charm, of course there always
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