How To Perform The Role Of A Team Leader?

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Experienced developer with the ability to perform the role of a team member or team leader as needed with a proven ability to adapt to significantly different technology specialties. I specialize in failure cases and non-happy paths. Proven ability in trouble shooting and determined effort at root cause.

• Diagnosis system design
• Software design of mini language
• Hardware Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
• Automated Software diagnosis
• Root Cause Analysis
• New Product Introduction and Service Rollout
• Critical Situation Management
• Organize and communicate on cross functional teams

Designed and implemented a mini language for automated software diagnosis. Generated a grammar for the given
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Led multiple temporary teams for specific technical investigations. Performed ongoing work to reduce field corrective actions and increase accuracy in field replacements.

Specific projects:
Led bug waiver review process to investigate and review effects of all known platform bugs covering Hypervisor, OBP and ILOM that may be released to the field. Evaluated all open bugs on newly shipping hardware products for risk of significant quality implications. Evaluated bugs in CPU design, ASICs, PCIE devices, PCIE switches, power supply firmware, SSD devices, disk drive firmware, hypervisor code, server firmware and other areas. Some evaluations led to fix requirements before shipment, remediation plans and new firmware spins.
Write data wrangling scripts on a nearly daily basis. Have written a tool base to allow higher level analysis of field data with minimal work.
Led and participated in multiple quality investigations to determine root cause in areas of processor and hardware initialization, SERDES link stability, DDR channel signal integrity, various fatal errors at the level of hardware detection, hypervisor aborts and Solaris panics.
Led team to determine the best practices for configuration of M7 servers for failure avoidance
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