How To Persuasive Essay Against Animal Testing

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Why Animals should not be tested

Have you ever wondered why humans do medical research and tests on animals? Would you be able to test and possibly kill the animals by running tests? There are so many questions with so many different answers. They are just like us humans. In my own opinion I do not think we should be allowed to tests animals because the living arrangements, the deaths and suffered animals, and the animals getting blamed for something that isn’t just their fault. First of all a quote from the article “I Acknowledge Mine,” by Jane Goodall is “Very young chimpanzees, one or two years old, were crammed, two together, into tiny cages that measured some twenty-two inches by twenty-two inches.” Humans wouldn’t want to be crammed in a tiny box with another person. They was animals are treated is horrifying. We humans wouldn’t like to be treated like they are. Barely room to breathe. Animal cruelty is horrible. Humans wouldn’t like
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Animals have rights like we do. Humans wouldn’t want to suffer and die. So why make animals? Animals haven’t done anything to us so why torture them.
Lastly, the last reason why I disagree is in the documentary “Blackfish,” by the director Gabriela Cowperthwait. In “Blackfish” trainers died from whales. Sometimes it could’ve been their fault but other times it was not. The trainers should’ve set the whales free once they were old enough. They probably got tired of being crammed in a space and needed to be free. Animals can turn but not on their own. Animals need to be treated with respect just like us. Animals don’t harm anyone unless they feel like they are in
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