How To Play Golf Essay

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6 things you should know about golf.
“Practice is a necessity to play golf. It doesn’t come naturally for everyone, but for a few, it may come naturally just like many other sports. Golf requires a positive attitude at all times. While playing and practicing you always need to tell yourself that you can do better than you already are. When you are doing awful, or carry on a few bad holes in a row, you need to shake it off and try again. Until you learn to obtain an excellent attitude and practice, golf will always be hard.”

“Any hazards around? Think about a better option next time you try to hit over the water. Golf can be hard and you will make plenty mistakes. While some people are decent at hitting out of the sand trap, others are not as great. Hazards go all the way around the course in various spots along the way, but you have to try your best to stay out of trouble and not hit into the water numerous times. Getting into the sand is one story, but trying to get out of the sand is a whole other story. For most golfers, hitting out of the sand trap is one of the most difficult shots they will ever learn.”

“Learning all the different strokes and how to grip each club is never easy. Even professionals sometimes have bad rounds and they
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Buying a new set of golf clubs every year you grow out of them can also get quite expensive. Golfers often want special golf shoes to wear while they are playing, but those can frequently cost $100 or more. Golf clothes are also very expensive to buy. Sometimes a single golf polo can cost $60 if it is name brand. Even if you decide to buy off brand clothes, they can still cost you an arm and a leg. Professional golfers usually make a decent amount of money for winning tournaments, so when they buy equipment or clothing they don’t think twice about the expensive
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