How To Prevent A Diaphragm

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A diaphragm is a flexible silicone cup specially designed to be inserted in to the vagina to cover the cervix before sex in order to keep sperm away from eggs. This is a popular method of contraception.

To gain the most effectiveness with diaphragm, a little spermicide cream will be put inside the cup and around the rim. Before inserting the diaphragm, make sure you clean your hands thoroughly. You can stand or sit, as long as you are comfortable. Separate your vulva lips, then fold the diaphragm in half with your index finger in the fold, and push it up inside your vagina. The diaphragn is supposed to cover the opening of your uterus, with the edge tucked behind your public bone.
You have to leave the diaphragm in at least 6 hours after intercourse. If it is in place, you can have sex more than once, but you should reapply spermicide for maximum contraceptive effect. However, the diaphragm needs to be removed after 24 hours. To take it out, you can hold onto to rim and pull out with your fingers. After that, clean your diaphragm with soap and water, then let it air dry.
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More importantly, you and your partner will not feel any difference with it on. However, it may be difficult for some women to insert a diaphragm. Additionally, there are several factors that can affect the effectiveness of the diaphragm such as penis sizes and sex positions, which may accidentally push the diaphragm out of place. Although most women are fine with spermicide, some experience irritation caused by nonoxynol-9 in it. Side effects include urinary tract infections, irregular spotting and vaginal redness and
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