How To Prevent Police Shooting Persuasive Essay

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Gaston Campos
Karen Herschbach
English 102
15 September 2016
Not even to chance In 2015 990 were shot by police. From January to September 2016, it is estimated that 681 people have been shot and killed by police officers (Fatal Force). The incredibly high number of deaths in that short time span should not only shock one but give concern. Police officers are supposed to serve and protect, not be the cause of all the murders of the people they are supposed to be protecting. Police officers have gotten too comfortable in reaching for their gun when feeling uneasy about a situation. Many, if not all, of the murders could have been prevented if police officers were not allowed to carry any lethal weapons. There are various options in preventing these murdering without jeopardizing the safety of police officers. Police officers should only be allowed to carry non lethal weapons in order to optimize the safety of the people. Police officers have been a major problem with contributing to the increasing number of murders in the United States. By eliminating the catalyst to all these murders: lethal weapons or guns, not only will there be less deaths but the people will feel safer knowing there is not a chance of them getting shot because of
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Other countries have already run one form or another of this same idea. Germany had gun control were all parties turned in their firearms and like Ireland and Britain where police refuse to carry guns. In all those situations, there are far less murders by police and gun violence all together than in the United States. There is an enormous amount of gun violence in the United States: murders by police, police retaliation shooting, and large gun violence. The United States have more deaths in one year that all the other countries mentioned have combined. Imagen another version of the United States, one with far less violence, less

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